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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pureed veggies, anyone?

Baby boy does not like to eat. Period. Give him a bottle, and he's a happy camper, but he wants no part of that stuff on a spoon, thank you. I have never in my life seen a baby who will cry and try to get away when offered anything on a spoon. It doesn't matter what we offer him... cereal, applesauce, veggies, fruits... he still doesn't want any part of that spoon. We've tried various spoons, various feeding positions, various locations, various homemade foods, and even *gasp* some store-bought foods... he could care less. I'd say he's just not hungry, but I know that's not true- sometimes he'll take a whopping twelve ounces of milk at bedtime. (This from a child that started out with .2 of an ounce of milk way back in the NICU!)

He'll be nine months old this week... which is hard to believe... but adjusting for his prematurity, he'd still be expected to function around a seven month old's level. Most babies, from what I gather, are happily eating a variety of mushy foods by that age. (He's not doing anything else at a seven month old's level, either, but that's another post for another day.)

DD was the exact opposite... she loved any food she tried. She would bounce up and down in her highchair when I fed her because she was so excited. She's still a good eater, willing to try whatever grown-up foods we have, and only resorting to her beloved chicken nuggets when the grown-up food is too spicy.

So, I don't know what else to try with Baby Boy. We have a check-up appointment with his pediatrician (who is wonderful, by the way) tommorow, and I'm sure she'll have some ideas. In the meantime, if anyone has any experience with this, I'd love to hear from you!

EDITED TO ADD: I think this is bothering me more than it probably should because he also hates baths (screams when the first toe gets wet) and shows some other signs that I, with very little medical knowledge, am worried might mean that he's having sensory issues. There's really not much I can do right now until we go to some upcoming medical appointments, but the waiting and worrying is starting to get to me. Offering it up in prayer is about all we can do right now, and if anyone else wants to join me, I'd appreciate it!

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  1. I just prayed for you. I'm sorry for the anxiety.

    My son is 8 mos. old and not eating solid food yet. I am delaying solids until he can eat table food rather than pureed everything. I've read about others who have successfully handled introducing solids in this way . I am exclusively breastfeeding; I don't know if it is the same for bottle feeding.


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