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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Computer Frustrations

Before I even write this, let me just say that I realize that other people are facing "real" problems in the world... people are hungry, people are homeless, and people like Heather (see last entry) are facing major illness with great courage and strength. I'm blessed to not have to face anything like that right now.

I'm not facing anything like that, but, I'm very upset all the same. A few days ago the disks arrived to upgrade our computer to Vista, the new & (allegedly) improved Windows system. I was happy to follow the instructions and install the upgrade. OK, well, there was a bug in the system, and after a call to customer support they told me to just reinstall it. I did. Same bug. Called customer support again, and they walked me through reformatting and a bunch of other stuff that I didn't understand... hence, the problem. Vista now works fine, but EVERYTHING I had on my computer before is gone.

Most importantly, my photos are gone. My baby's first Christmas, my daughter's 4th birthday... gone. None of those had been printed yet because I was waiting until I was ready to scrapbook them. I am so unbelievably upset by this that I haven't even been online for the last few days much because I get too upset. I know it's silly, I know they're just pictures, but I'm a picture person. I have piles of (unfinished) in-progress scrapbooks, and practically every room in my home has photos hanging up.

I did a little research online and found that there are companies who claim to be able to retrieve lost data like this for large sums of money. We can't afford that. I've tried checking with local computer people I know, no luck so far. I really think the files are permanently lost. If anybody in blog-land knows anything about deleted partitions, let me know.

So, lesson learned. I'm going to figure out how to burn photos to CDs before I unload my camera's memory card again. I'll live, but there will be some pages missing from our family albums.


  1. ask around to the other people who were at various events. Maybe you can get a few pictures from the important ones.

    I can imagine how hearbreaking it would be though

  2. Ohwow. *hugs* I am so sorry you had to go through that. I know how frustrating it is to lose everything on the hard drive like that.

    Burning pictures (and other important files - I'd be devistated beyond belief if I lost my budget and other household files again) is one of those things you're going to master then smack yourself in the forehead yelling "Why didn't I learn this earlier??". At least, that's how it happened with me. And yes, it took me losing everything - household files, web page files, graphics, pictures, everything - before I learned to burn those cds.

    And I know you're miserable about it, but thank you. You telling about what happened to you reminds me that I've been so busy lately that I've let the weekly back up process slide not just to the back burner, but off the oven completely! I need to work it back into my weekly schedule and make the time to do it, whether I feel like it or not. Thank you.


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