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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Ramblings, Induced by Insomnia

I haven't had insomnia since college... which was, ahem, a few years back. (No comments from the peanut gallery, please!) I used to go through spells where I basically didn't sleep at all... but then again, I only needed about four hours of sleep back then and I'd be feeling great.

Now, post-kids and a few years older, I really need at least six to function, and if you want me to be pleasant, I'd better get seven or eight hours of sleep by morning. The last two weeks, though, my old foe insomnia is back. I'll fall into bed once the kids are down, as usual, but then I wake up every few hours all night long. I'm not having any dreams that I can remember, I have nothing ususually stressful going on right now, and there haven't been any major changes in my life lately. DD is finally sleeping in her own bed all night long... maybe I'm just used to her waking me up to crawl in next to me? And BabyBoy is sleeping for a good 8-9 hours most nights... maybe I subconsciously miss getting up every three hours to feed him? Arrgh. At any rate, being up half the night is starting to wear on me. And all the old advice about getting out of bed and keeping busy doesn't cut it for me... if the kids are asleep, I stay in bed. I figure resting in bed and reading or watching TV is better than not resting at all. Daytime naps are not an option with the two kids running around.

In other exciting news, my computer and I are speaking again. (See last post.) It's on limited terms, though... apparently the speakers have gone out for the 1,345,783rd time. So, the computer is actually silent, and I am doing all the talking for now. Later I will embark upon the hunt for the tiny door that holds the really tiny fuse on the back of the subwoofer... this involves crawling under the desk, which I'm just not up for at the moment. ::sigh::

One final rambling thought... there's another great contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom, for a chance to win a digital picture frame... very cool. This frame makes showing off your digital pictures fun, without lugging around a huge album or stack of prints. The girls on 5 Minutes for Mom are always giving away something great, and this is no exception. (On second thought, please don't enter, I really want to win it myself!)

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  1. Amy: I found you through the blog of a friend of a blog, or something like that, and I like you already! As for your sleeping problem: try taking Melatonin 1/2 hour for bed - it helps you sleep and you don't feel groggy. It's a natural herb/vitamin something or other.


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