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Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter excitement... not a good kind

If you're looking for my Menu Plan Monday post, it's posted HERE on my cooking blog.

Easter Sunday started out with a bang in my house... the police were at my door waking me up at 5am. My first panicked thought was that something had happened to DH... he's a cop, and he was working night shift. It turned out that some kid had been breaking in to cars in the neighborhood, including ours, and he was caught because a neighbor saw him open our garage door. From our house, he moved on to our friends a few doors down... both the husband and wife are cops. (Can this kid pick the houses, or what?!) Anyways, he didn't actually enter our garage... his story was that he accidentally hit the button on the garage door opener while going through our car. The neighbor witnessed him running away and never entering the garage, which was a relief to me, since the door between the house and garage was unlocked. (And no, it won't be left unlocked any more!) So, anyways, they caught the kid, and the change he stole from our car was returned. Still, not the way I wanted to start out my Easter!

The rest of the day was very nice, though... we went to church with my parents (which confused DD: Why don't they have Easter at our church, mommy? LOL) and then had lunch with my family. My mom made a huge meal that was wonderful. We stayed most of the day just visiting and we played a fun game where you have to make your team say a phrase. (I need to ask my sister what that was called- it was fun!)

Today, I'm in hyper cleaning mode. After the high-stress week last week, my house looks like a tornado hit it. I was up early this morning cleaning and doing laundry. I'm taking a break now and having a little computer time... I had to do my menu plan for the week anyways. I'm hoping to get all the outgrown clothes packed up and out of the kids' rooms today, and next I'm going to tackle this mess of a desk. By tonight the house should be looking really good!

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