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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday: my online space

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

For today's Tackle It Tuesday project, I redid my blog's layout.... ta-da!! I read somewhere that it's "Improve Your Blog" month, so I guess this fits. I had a standard green blogger layout before that I'd just changed the header on. I really like this new look a lot better. I'm sure I'll be playing around with it and adding more things in days to come. I was happy to find a free template from the folks at Final Sense that still allows me to edit things using Blogger's widgets. That's very handy for HTML-impaired people like myself.

That's not normally something I'd consider posting for TIT, but, BabyBoy is on a clear liquid diet and he insists on being held today. (He has some tummy trouble, I'll spare you the details, but he acts like he feels OK other than being very clingy.) He's protesting with loud wailing if I dare to put him down long enough to, say... go to the bathroom.

I had planned to start on my great desk reorganization project which I'll be working on for Laura's 30-day Organizational Challenge. However, even with Baby Boy in his sling, I still can't do a lot of bending over and sorting paperwork (little fingers aren't so helpful when I'm trying to read paperwork). So, instead, we're sitting here at the computer... him slowly drinking a third bottle of electrolyte solution, me playing with my new template. DD is happily watching a preschool program and playing with her new birthday toys from Sunday. The windows are wide open and we're enjoying the sunshine and warm Spring air... all in all, it's not been a bad afternoon.

P.S. The first bottle of electolyte solution I gave him today he wasn't too sure about... he kept taking the bottle out of his mouth and shaking it, apparently trying to get the "milk" to work right. It was just too cute!!


  1. I've got older kids now but I remember well the days where they just wanted to be held. The blog looks nice. I'm HTML impaired myself. My husband is my blog guru.

  2. What a great tackle! I really enjoy the way that it looks! Have fun tackling!



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