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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tubes in his ears...

Well, the ENT doctor (ear, nose & throat) confirmed it today... BabyBoy definitely needs to have tubes placed in his ears. Everyone keeps telling us what a simple procedure it is, and how routine it is these days, but my mommy brain is still rather distraught at the thought of putting BabyBoy through this procedure. Please keep him in your prayers-- he'll have it done the second week of August. And if you've been through this yourself, I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. Hi- This is my first time to your blog. I had tubes 2 or 3 times when I was young. It wasn't a big deal at all, and that was over 20 years ago, so I'm sure they're even better now. They really helped the ear problems I was having!

  2. I freaked out about this when my 9 mo. old had to get them, but they are really such a blessing cause all the pain from ear infections stopped.

  3. Hey Amy, M had tubes put in in January after nearly 8 months of constant ear infections and hearing loss. It was impacting her speech development too. It's quick and recovery is fast and easy. She was crying a lot when she first woke up from the anesthesia, but calmed down after about 20 minutes or so. M was back to her normal self by that afternoon. We haven't had an ear infection since, her hearing is back to normal, and she's talking up a storm. I'll be praying. It's so hard when your little one has this kind of thing.

  4. My son was about 4 when he had tubes put in. He had a difficult time draining fluid from his ears, so it was affecting a number of things. He woke up pretty upset after then anesthesia, and was very clingy for about a week. He was old enough to understand that he didn't like what was going on. They also took his adenoids out though, which gave him a sore throat, so I don't think that helped. He hasn't had an ear infection since then, so it was worth it for us. I hope all goes well!

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  6. I'm sorry to hear that. Is it for ear infections or so that he can hear better?


    Thanks for the great comment on my blog ...about my son's first sentence. You gave me a different perspective about how that little sentence was him telling me he loved me by expressing conern.

    I have a podcast over at www.momsblogging.com and the new one this week actually references your post. I couldnt remember the link during the call, but I'm going to post a link to your blog when I load the podcast :)


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