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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Birthday $$ and "I gotta have it" for Scrapping

Yesterday was my birthday. It was quite a pleasant day, spent at DD's soccer game, then having lunch with my parents and some of my siblings, then we spent the evening at home. It was relaxing and nice, just the way I like it.

I was blessed to receive some great gifts for my birthday- a new outfit, a gorgeous Vera Bradley bag, and some much-needed new lawn chairs for the above mentioned soccer games. (My DH decided that I wanted Bengals chairs... coincidentally, that's his favorite team. LOL!) That would have been more than enough, but, I also received a gift of cash, and it's currently burning a hole in my pocket. ;)

I have been yearning for an organizer cart for my scrapbooking supplies for a long time now, but that's not something that I'm going to just go out and buy for myself because it's too expensive. Well, with my birthday money, I have just enough to get the one I've been wanting: an Iris 6-case drawer cart like this. It has six cases with lids that make up the drawers. That means that I could just pull out one case at a time to sit at the kitchen table and scrap... no more dragging out huge totes that contain all my scrapping supplies when I just have a few minutes to work on a page or two. I'm so excited to finally be able to order one of these... if I can just get things organized, maybe I'll be able to get more scrapping done!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Feliz cumpleaƱos!!! I'm glad you had a great day.

    Oh, I'd love an iris cart like that, it looks great! I hope you get it and let us see what you do. No more procrastination after you get a cart like that. ;-) I want to scrap, no, want is not the word... I NEED to scrap... *lol* Do you know if there are any cyber crops coming up soon?

  2. happy birthday.

    I would love a cart like that but for my sewing. I am not crafty enough for scrapbooking. We are doing a scrapbook though as a family.

  3. I LOVE my 6-drawer scrapbooking thing. Actually, I love it so much that I have two of them. My husband hates having plastic rolling things in our bedroom, but they're just so darn handy!


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