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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Special

I have too many things running through my mind this morning to make a coherent blog post, so I thought I'd take a quick mental break and do this fun little meme from Saturday Special.
1. While driving through an old abandoned town you take a turn down a side road and spot a railroad yard with an old train station, thinking it might be fun to explore it, you __________?: Grab my cell and my camera, and get out to walk around a bit. After I get out I realize that, true to my usual habit, my camera batteries are dead and my cell phone isn't completely charged. I'll have to make this a short visit.

2. Walking through the old train station you get a funny feeling you are not alone, you turn to see __________?: A skinny golden retriever, following me from a distance. He keeps sniffing the air and edging closer and closer to me. I'm starting to get worried- this guy looks hungry!

3. Rushing back to your car and just about to cross the old tracks you hear the sound of a train whistle pass you by but __________?: Of course, there's no train there. I realize that the sun is making me hallucinate.

4. Once in your car driving away you think to yourself __________?: I need to go back there again with fully charged batteries and get some neat photos. Next time I'm bringing dog food, spare batteries, and a friend!

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