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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket My daughter, age 4 1/2, has recently developed a fascination with snowglobes. As in, when we're out shopping, she will absolutely freeze in front of a snowglobe display. So, yesterday, I bought her an inexpensive miniature one ($1.50) as a bribe reward for behaving during a very long shopping trip. (No, I don't always do that, but once in a while a little reward makes shopping much more pleasant for us and the other shoppers in our vicinity!) We talked about it, and she was absolutely thrilled with the idea of starting a small collection of snowglobes of her very own. And, when she wasn't looking, I picked up another mini for Santa to put in her stocking.

Then today I found this book in an eBay auction for $2.99, including shipping. Santa will also be bringing that for her.

So, it looks like her new snowglobe collection has started. Any tips? Advice? I'm not looking to start her a huge collection that will take over her bedroom, but she enjoys them so much that I'd like for her to have fun with them.

P.S. Due to my current stamping obsession, one of the first things I checked out online was a Stampin' Up snowglobe stamp set. I've admired this set before, and now I am SO tempted....

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