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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Frugal Christmas Shopping

I made some progress today on Christmas shopping. I got one person completely crossed off my list for a family gift exchange. I also picked up a few things for the kids (when they weren't looking) at my favorite used bookstore : an Elmo DVD & card set for $5, and a car games book for $1-- both brand new.

My best deals of the day came from Old Time Pottery-- I just love that place! I picked up a bunch of odds and ends that we always need... a cheap container ($1) for my MIL's husband's cookies (an annual gift), two mini snowglobes for my DD ($3 total), and the best deal... 18 Christmas tins, the size and shape of pop cans, to fill for my co-workers for Christmas. The tins were only $ .50 each! I'm thinking of filling them with roasted nuts (inspired by this post at Like Merchant Ships) or some sort of snack mix... either way, those will make frugal but nice little gifts.

Little by little, I'm getting the shopping done. After the blog carnival about Christmas shopping the other day, I'm in the mood to shop. Some year, I'd like to be completely done by Thanksgiving, but it hasn't ever happened yet. The trick is finding a way to make gifts special without spending a fortune... that's always a personal quest of mine!


  1. Oh, I love Old Time Pottery, too!

    It's a good thing it's far on the other side of town, else I'd be too tempted by their cheap-but-fluffy towels and upholstery fabric remnants.

  2. Yay for Christmas shopping! I actually got some done today too...Uptown Oxford is THE place to be. :)

  3. I wish we had an Old Time Pottery near us! I go when I visit my family in SC.
    I've made minor progress w/ shopping so far. I got a dvd for my father online for $10 less than in the stores! I was proud of that. ;)

    Good luck on the bargain hunting!


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