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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Scrappin' #4: 11/25/07

Sunday Scrappin’ I have photos this week- but right now, I have a one year-old climbing in and out of my lap. So, I'll add the photos later on when he's napping and I have two free hands! EDITED TO ADD: Ok, so the photos still haven't made it online- soon, I promise! :)

TA-DA's: In the past week I've addressed all of my cards, stamped and signed the backs ("handstamped by Amy"), and figured out a solution to my vellum problem. I bought the eyelets and brads I'll need to attach the vellum- they were 50% off, so I was pretty happy!

TO-DO's: My goal for today is to get all of the vellum squares for the front panels of the cards cut out and ready to stamp. (Two squares per card, total of 75 cards.) My goal for the week is to get the vellum squares stamped and mounted on the card fronts.

THIS WEEK'S BONUS QUESTION: SHARE A FAVORITE TIP OR TECHNIQUE YOU'VE LEARNED RECENTLY. Hmmm.. that's a hard one. I think the best tip I've learned recently came in the form of online research for my vellum problem- I learned that you can't use any sort of adhesive with vellum. I've worked with vellum before, but it was always layered underneath other papers, so bleed-thru wasn't a problem. If you're going to have vellum as your top layer, you have to figure out how to use it without having yucky glue or adhesive marks showing through. In my case, I'll be attaching the squares with brads and eyelets.

If you do any kind of paper crafts, I hope you'll join us over at Sunday Scrappin'! Post your accomplishments and goals for the week, and then visit other Sunday Scrappers to cheer them on and enjoy their projects!


  1. The only way I've found to adhere vellum without using brads or eyelets is with a Xyron. If you're going to be doing a lot of vellum it's worth the investment. :)

  2. How funny! That's pretty much what my tip was.

  3. Amy, some do carry vellum tape, I have it but haven't tried it out yet. It is supposed to be invisible. I like using brads and eyelets though with my vellum as well as for other things although I need a silent setter so I can do while chilren nap LOL.

    God bless.

    Can't wait to see pics of your cards or recieve one :) I am going to start putting handmade cards in a binder protected by sleeves. Right now they are all in a box.


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