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Thursday, February 14, 2008

DVD & Audio Book Drive

My favorite volunteer organization, ChemoAngels, is having their annual media drive. Do you have audio books or DVD's that are sitting around collecting dust? Send them to ChemoAngels, and they will be given to cancer patients who could use a little entertainment.

Our Media Drive is taking place over February/March this year. Our prior media drives have been very successful, and our patients and seniors just love being n the receiving end of your media donations! This year our focus will be on audiobooks,both CD and cassette, and DVD movies. New or used, comedy,drama,action,adventure, kids, westerns, romance, documentaries, self-help, fiction and non-fiction... we can find the perfect recipient for just about any DVD or audiobook, but please, nothing of a hard-core nature. We will not be accepting VHS tapes this year, because the vast majority of our recipients use DVDs these days.If you have used or new audio books or DVDs to donate to our media drive, please send to:


PO Box 1971

Julian, CA 92036

And, of course, we are always grateful for donations to help us with the postageand packaging supplies associated with the media drive.

I have been a volunteer with ChemoAngels since 2002, and I have seen first-hand what a difference a little "happy mail" can make for a cancer patient. If you can help out with this drive, rest assured that your donations will be put to good use and very much appreciated!


  1. What a really neat idea!!!! :)

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I received your Bloggie giveaway book today! Thanks so much! :) Take care!

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