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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My brain is overloaded with crafts today...

frazzled I'm on creative overload.... it's one of those days when I am so full of crafty ideas and inspirations that I usually wind up doing more jumping from project to project than actual crafting. But, today I'm trying to get myself on track.

I've decided that I want to open an etsy shop, and hopefully supplement our income a bit. The point of my rambling here is that if I post it online, I feel more accountable... that's why I'm posting this for Tackle It Tuesday. So, you all have to hold me to this-- by the end of this day I want to complete the photos for the vintage items I want to put in my shop, and I want to have at least two altered craft items completed.

Of course, I also have a mountain of laundry to do and some dishes to wash, but I still want to set craft goals for myself. I'll be back tonight to let you know how it went-- and you all should feel free to get on my case if I don't have anything to show later! :)

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  1. Good luck with Etsy! I registered there weeks ago, but haven't been brave enough to figure out how to open a shop.

  2. Ooohhh, I love the look of your blog!!! makes it feel so warm and inviting!!

    Wishing you luck on Etsy!!

  3. Good luck with your Etsy store - that is quite an undertaking. I'm sure it will be a big success!

  4. Uh. Is Photobucket being a brat or do you have a glitch? The background behind each entry is gridded with "This image or video has been moved or deleted photobucket". You can't read the entries at all.

    I'm guessing by the comments that you're embarking on an etsy adventure. Good luck!

  5. Oh!! Best of luck with your etsy shop!!! How exciting and what a great idea! :)

  6. Have fun with your shop, until they allow paypal I can't do it. Let us know when it's up so I can stop by. Has your party been closed? I need my punches!!! LOL

    God bless.


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