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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Socks & Other Such Excitement

Today is one of those days that I'll need a lot of coffee motivation to get through my to-do list... it's rainy and gray outside, I was up half the night with a sick child, and I'd really like to just curl up on the couch with the new book I'm reading.

However, I need to do some major cleaning around here... we've been on the run for several days in a row, and the house is definitely reflecting that! I also need to do some deep cleaning in our master bedroom and bath-- both are in need of more than just a quick pick-up.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My tackle for Tackle It Tuesday will be to tame the sock monster. You know all those socks that come out of the wash without mates? Well, I now have one overflowing basket full, not to mention the strays in dresser drawers in everyone's rooms. So, that's my tackle for today-- getting all those socks reunited with their mates.


If I get all this done, I have new stamps and punches awaiting me.. I've had them for almost a week now and I still haven't had a chance to play with them. Now that's motivation! Head on over to Tackle It Tuesday to share your tackle and encourage others!


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  2. What a fun tackle idea! My boys have a drawer of mateless socks, and we usually get a stray sock with each load of laundry. Hope your socks get reunited today!

  3. Good one, I just did 2 full baskets of reuniting socks...They are all happy in their drawers...until.............The next load.


  4. oh my goodness..i have a bazillion socks that need matched. Today I have gotten nothing done. I haven't felt well...this cold is knocking me out! BLAH!!!

  5. What a great tackle - I need to do this one as well. Have fun!

  6. This reminds me of one more thinf to add to my tackle list! :D

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  7. What a lovely blog. I will be checking in regularly :)

  8. Good luck with the socks. Having stray socks with no mates drives me nuts, and we have so many. I think I just need to set a time limit and any that haven't found their mates by a certain time just need to go in the garbage so I can stop staring at them every time I do laundry.


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