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Sunday, March 30, 2008

An update in list form

Have you noticed my lack of posts with any real content lately? Noticed the all-meme theme I've got going on here? No? Oh, well, then, carry on. For those of you who HAVE noticed, my apologies. Life keeps getting in the way of important things like blogging lately. ;) Here's what's happened in the last two weeks in my world:
  • DS, age 21 months, had five days of high fever followed by two days of rashes. Anyone care to name that ailment? Yep, roseola. Fifty points to everyone who guessed right.
  • I finally, finally, finally hired a new part-time assistant at work after a very long search. (If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that I only work part-time myself. It's quite the confusing schedule for everyone, believe me.) Great lady, and I think she'll be good in the position, but for the next few weeks I'll spend all of my time at work with her-- I don't want to throw her to the wolves (aka: nursing home residents & staff) without knowing that she's confident in her job. Which means that my actual work won't really get done. Which means that I'm picking up extra hours to make up for that & to get my state-required paperwork done on time. Which means less hours at home, less real cooking, and less blogging.
  • I'm up to my eyeballs in craft swaps... LOL! Of course that's my own fault, but I have a number of craft swaps due in the next couple of weeks, so when I do find a few minutes of time to myself, I work on the swaps.

So, I am still here, still blogging, just more busy than usual IRL right now. :)

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  1. Girl, I know this feeling. I hope things calm down a bit. I hope your sweetie is feeling better. I remember well our go round with Roseola.


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