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Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Meanderings 5/5

"Meandering" is definitely how I feel this morning. I fully expected to get called into work, as our state surveyors (nursing home- I normally only work Wednesday-Friday) are due any moment, and were believed to be coming today. (If you happen to work in a nursing home, you'll be interested to know that they actually called our facility last week checking on census... how weird is that, knowing that we're towards the end of our window??) I had clothes ready, a babysitter on stand-by, and back-up plans for easy meals for the week. So, now, since the call didn't come, I feel like I have kind of a "free day" and I'm not really motivated to do anything, LOL! Edited to add: Just as I was about to publish this post, THE call came... so much for my "free day"! I'll be heading off to work as soon as my mother-in-law can come to watch the kids. :(

Bible Study/ Devotions: Hmmm. Not sure where I am here. I've been doing some personal writing about some spiritual issues, and I find it rather therapeudic. I always kept a journal up until I got married, and I think I might start doing it again, because it's helpful to me to write things out. I haven't decided if I want to blog about this stuff or not... if I do, I'll be taking part in Carolyn's My Walk Monday. I've also been reading a couple of online Christian sites and finding some good stuff-- will share soon!

Must-do List:

  • Make two Mothers' Day cards
  • Buy/wrap Mothers' Day gifts
  • Wrap & return a package at the post office (which was supposed to be one of the Mothers' Day gifts but I was very unhappy with the quality of the items)

Homekeeping: This week I want to clean out DS's clothes and get the outgrown stuff packed up and sent over to a cousin's house across town.

Menu Planning: Done! It's posted over on my cooking blog.

Personal Health: I'm happy to report that I lost exactly one pound in the last week... and I know this thanks to the handy-dandy new digital scale we bought. (Our old one was almost as old as we are, inherited, and not too accurate!) I know that's nothing, likely just water weight, but hey, I'll take it. :) I'm trying to lose weight the common-sense way-- drinking more water, getting more exercise, eating smaller portions. My goal this week is to get through two full water bottles (big refillable bottle) every single day... so far I've only managed this every couple of days.

Share what you're up to this week and encourage others at Tiany's Monday Meanderings.


  1. Girl, I'll be sending no-stress prayers your way. We're still waiting for them to show up on our doorstep for our survey. They're here plenty of other times for all the other lovely things that get called in either by us or by others. At least it will all be over soon. Keep your head up!

  2. Sounds like we have a similar approach to weight-loss. I also try to drink at least 3 30 oz. glasses of water a day and am trying to eat smaller portions more often instead of bigger portions less often. I am also trying to eat more frsh fruits and raw veggies.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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