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Monday, July 14, 2008

Give Me Five: summer tv shows

This new-to-me meme asks: Give Me Five summer time TV shows you enjoy. This seems timely as today is supposed to be really hot, and the kids and I will likely stay inside doing crafts and watching tv most of the day. (Ok, I'm also doing laundry and other stuff, but you get my point.) Here's what I'm watching this summer- what about you?

1.) Army Wives: I love this show, despite the fact that I wind up teary-eyed every week while watching it. The show follows five Army families through their lives on base- deployments and transfers included. I've read some bashing online and know it's not completely accurate (What show is? This is for entertainment!), but still, it's a great show.
2.) Burn Notice. I started watching this slightly quirky show about a spy who's been "burned" last summer, and by the end of the season DH had gotten hooked on it, too. We were happy to see the show return this year.
3.) Big Brother 10. It just premiered last night- so far, so good. They're claiming that there are no secret twists or turns this year, just the game, straight up, the way it was the first few seasons. This is the only reality show that I follow. Fellow fans: I'm already annoyed by Renny, what about you?
4.) Reruns of House and Bones. Since they're reruns, I'm lumping them together, but these are my two year-round favorite tv shows and I do watch the summer reruns. :) I was really happy when House and Bones got moved to back-to-back timeslots on Monday nights.
5.) Nashville Star. I've watched a couple of previous seasons on the USA network, and this year with the show moving to NBC it seems to be getting a bigger audience. A couple of the contestants this year are really great-- and there are a few that I'll be glad to see leave. I've never gotten into American Idol, but I like this show enough to watch it whenever I remember that it's on.

Sadly, The 4400, which has been my favorite summer show for the past few years, got cancelled with no warning. No finale, no closure, no wrap-ups to the ongoing storylines. I hate when that happens!


  1. I watched The 4400 the first season and then just kind of dropped it. I'm sure plenty of things happened after I quit watching.

    This week's Give Me Five has been a great way to see what people think of all kinds of shows, most of which I haven't watched, but now I think I will have to check some of them out.

  2. HOUSE is my favorite TV show of all times!

  3. house is my favorite tv show of all times !
    wonderful ! the top 1 on my list !

  4. We enjoyed the 4400 and we lost that channel borrowed them from the library :) I am sad to see it got cancelled.

    We liked Jericho but unless another channel picks it up it is gone for good too.

  5. My fave from your list is House. Reruns or not, that show is so captivating and keeps your interest. I can't wait for new ones! You have a really awesome 1st GM5 post here, I really hope you do come back and participate again in the future! If you'd like to be added to the email reminder list, just let me know at beccagirl@charter.net
    Great list!!

  6. I usually do GM5, but I don't really watch TV! Too many people in the house, and my husband dominates the TV, so I mainly watch DVD's. The only 2 of these shows I've heard of are House (which I've seen maybe 3 times, not because I don't want to, but see above) and Big Brother, which I've never actually seen but have heard about. I'm enjoying reading about all these tv shows I miss!

  7. Jericho is now showing on the SciFi channel in my area. We loved it too, so much so we wouldn't cancel our subscription to Showtime!

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Amy, thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming, I am having a really hard time here.

    I <3 you my bloggy friend.

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. I am new to blogging & I am enjoying getting to meet other fellow bloggers.

    I used to watch Big Brother, but hubby & kids seem to control the remote these days.

  10. Zowie Batman-- I love all those shows, too. I have even more, but . . . Really got to get my blog going because I have such random info that needs a place to be. LOL

    missylangford @yahoo.com


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