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Friday, August 29, 2008

This election just got interesting!

Wow... so, was anyone else surprised when McCain didn't pick Mitt Romney? I'd never heard of Sarah Palin before, so after the big announcement today (which was just about fifteen minutes from where I work, by the way- some friends of mine were there), I had to go look up Mrs. Palin. What I've seen so far I like... she's pro-life and she's the mom of five kids, for starters.

I think she looks like a smart choice for McCain- her husband works in oil, and she supports drilling in Alaska. She's young and energetic, which will play nicely in contrast to McCain's "old white guy" image. Palin's children- from the oldest son who is serving in the Army and goes to Iraq in September, to the baby, who has Down's Syndrome- will make people feel like they can relate to her. From what I've read today, it appears that she's made some no-nonsense decisions in office and that she's not afraid to stick to her guns. I'd say that McCain's staffers definitely did their homework in choosing someone who will be able to pull in votes from some of the demographics that McCain is lacking.

I'm really interested to see how things go from here--I wonder if female voters who supported Hillary Clinton will be swayed? Will Americans who oppose Obama for his heritage be any happier with a woman candidate?

All in all, I think that Sarah Palin seems like a great choice, and I think she just added the spark that McCain's campaign had been lacking. I know it's got me a lot more interested in the election already- what about you?


  1. I've really been on the fence about McCain - he's just not conservative enough for me. But with his choice of Palin he's got me interested again!

    We don't live far from Dayton. I asked my husband, "How come we didn't go up there for this?!"

    He said, "Because we were afraid it'd be Lieberman!" (Which is true. I was pretty sure McCain would choose poorly - I'm glad to be wrong!)

  2. Hi Amy. That is my thing about McCain like Karen above said he just isn't conservative enough for me :( I know they can't be perfect though.


  3. I think she's a smart choice for him. His pick definitely improved my opinion of him. I think that it will perk everyone up a bit.

  4. I was definitely surprised! And I'm also pleased. I like what I know about her so far. You know she's a mom of five, and she could have aborted her down syndrome baby and chose NOT to? She's a good speaker. She'll bring a femail point of view to the election. I think the US is ready for a woman VP.

  5. I thought it was a smart choice. I have been running around online to hear the aftermath and am not surprised that liberals are freaking out and calling into question all sorts of inexperience and family values issues with Palin as it relates to the conservative base. So funny. I think it caught everyone by surprise which is part of the political fun. I am just glad that she is well spoken and more conservative then McCain because I am not one of his biggest fans...


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