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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toolin' Up Tuesday: baby edition

For today's Toolin' Up Tuesday, Life As Mom wants to hear about the baby gear you couldn't live without. Two things immediately popped into my mind- my baby sling and the Bumbo seat.

The baby sling is a personal choice, and I know that every sling user has their favorite. With DD I had a ring sling, and it was ok... I like the idea of the sling, but I never really got the hang of using the ring sling. But I absolutely loved the sling I had with DS- a New Native Baby Sling. It's sized to fit the user, and there are no complicated rings and adjustments to mess with. DS was a tiny preemie when I started using the sling, and I was able to roll up some bath towels to put underneath him for support. We continued using this sling until he was a toddler- I would put him in so that he was sitting upright on my hip. I really wish I had known about the New Native Sling when DD was a baby!

And the Bumbo Baby Seat? If you haven't seen one, you need to check it out. It's a molded soft plastic seat, made to support young babies so they can sit upright. DS sat in his from the time he was around six months old until... well, actually, he still sits in it sometimes, at age 2. :) Back when we got ours, they were hard to find, but recently I've seen them in WalMart and Kohl's.

Go share your own favorite baby tools at Life as Mom's Toolin' Up Tuesday!

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  1. Oh yes! After using a sling with my 2nd, I wished more than ever I gave it a try with my 1st. I completely agree with you!

    Another thing I *could* live without, but wouldn't want to, is our shopping cart cover/highchair cover. I always use it, and it's wonderful. LOVE it.

    A minor thing is the baby sleep sacs. Brennan sleeps in one since he doesn't keep covers on his body. It's a huge help!


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