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Friday, October 31, 2008

In Lieu of Actual Halloween Crafts...

Thanks to Raggedy Scrappin' for the great graphic!

I haven't gotten a spare minute to craft anything Halloween-y this month, so instead I'll share some cute ideas I've picked up around the blogosphere, AKA, my list of things I wish I'd made:


  1. Hi Amy,

    I wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping by my blog. Your profile caught my eye - our book interests are very similar!

    But your job also caught my attention. I also just spent the last few weeks with my grandmother in rehab, and we are just dealing with her transition to nursing home care (thankfully in the same nice facility). She's taking it better than I would have thought - I guess she can see that she can't move much as well as we can - though at this point she thinks its a longer form of temporary, while the medical folks don't.

    Anyway, since you are clearly experienced with making people's time in a nursing home better, I wondered if you might have any advice, or anything you'd suggest I read. I want it to be as pleasant as possible for her, and I hope she can learn to enjoy her new surroundings. She's still got her mind, just a little forgetful, so I'm concerned about boredom. We'll take her out, and we'll visit often, which I know is very important.

    Anyway, any ideas would be so appreciated!

    Jennifer (joyoffrugalliving at gmail dot com)

  2. Amy, thanks for visiting my blog. These other crafting ideas look fun, too! Those Frankensteins are just too cute. Now on to Thanksgiving, right!!!


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