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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Do you Facebook?

So, are you Facebooking yet? I never thought I'd be so into it- at first I thought it was mainly just for high school kids. I had an account for a while which I mainly used to keep up with my youngest two sisters. But suddenly, within the last month, about ten of my high school friends have suddenly joined up, and now we're all having a good time reminiscing and sharing photos. Without Facebook, I'd never know where some of my old friends are now... I've learned some happy news about babies and great jobs, and some sad news about classmates we've lost. All in all, it's been a lot of fun.

I've noticed several other bloggers mentioning Facebook lately. So, I'm wondering.... do YOU Facebook?

P.S. Just FYI, on Facebook I'll mostly only "friend" people I know, or at least used to know, in real life. That significantly reduces my paranoia about sharing family photos and all my real-world contact info... I'm sure you understand!


  1. I'm on Facebook.
    I started with Myspace, but I really can't stand Myspace. I learned of Facebook, and it took me a while to like it. I like it now, though, and I go through phases of being on there too much, to just checking in.;)

  2. I haven't joined Facebook. I've heard tons of people talking about it, but I'm so afraid it will be one more thing to suck me in.

    I might have to check it out anyway!

  3. I got an invitation to join FB from my cousin (who is a doctor!), and I thought, "Hey, FB is for teenagers...what a waste of time!)

    But I joined anyway because I wanted to see what she was up to...and now I'm 300+ friends into the stupid thing & it's like an obsession!

    The good part is that I've caught up with lots of good highschool friends, who I haven't seen in 15 years, and I'm surprised at how many ADULTS are on FB! :)

  4. I am on Facebook. Like others, it has been a great way for me to keep up with old friends and to organize events with my current friends...not that the old friends are not still friends, but you get the gist.

  5. I am on there too. Mainly because some of the ladies in my h.s. group are on there. I don't understand why it's so cool - it's sort of bland to me but it's a way to keep track of others. I have my step siblings as well as a cousin who lives in another state.

  6. Yes, I have a facebook account. I used to go on it all the time, but now I spend way more time on my blog.

    Could you do me a favor? Is there a way you can remove my Mr. Linky that says "Forgetfulone-cookbook" over on Sunday Scrappin'? It's the correct link, but it looks stupid, and my post didn't have anything to do with cookbooks, so I redid my link, but I can't remove the other one. Does that make any sense?

  7. Yes, I facebook too and I love it! :)


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