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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Forever Amber: a wild life

I read this book on the recommendation, and loan, of my friend Sarah. On first glace I wasn't sure that it was really my kind of book, especially at roughly 1,000 pages, but I was soon drawn into the wild life of Amber.

By her mid-twenties Amber has been in jail, married four times , survived the plague, been an actress, has a couple of children, and finally becomes a powerful woman as mistress to the king. Through it all, though, she really only wants one thing- to be with the love of her life, Bruce. Bruce is off running around the world and pursuing other women, but through it all, Amber waits and schemes, hoping to have him for her own. Please note: this book does discuss her affairs and marriages, though not in graphic detail. If you're offended by this kind of thing, this may not be the book for you!

If you loved Scarlet O'Hara, you'll love Amber. She has the same determination and strength to overcome any obstacle that gets in the way of her (selfish) desires. My only complaint about the book was the ending- it's clearly left open for a sequel, rather than neatly tying up the story lines. At any rate, it was a nice change from my usual choice of books.


  1. Hi Amy,
    I am here on black Wednesday :(

    I too didn't like the open affairs going on but I love classics and big novels and this fit the bill LOL. I wish that the author would have been able to finish the sequel I believe it was titled, Amber Goes to America. I can't imagine leaving my daughter behind in a country that hated me, nor letting another woman raise my son. Would I let the girls read this, never. Now I need to get a copy of War and Peace :)


  2. Hello!
    I loved the book but i wish there was a sequel to it as well. I wish i could write a sequel to it...I wonder what happens to Amber! Does Lord Carlton's wife really die? I know that it was mentioned as a fib in the novel, but maybe it was a twist. Either way, it's just a story, but it was very very interesting!


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