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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grilling Goodness

My friend Kim always does this Friday meme called Grilling Goodness. This week I thought the questions were fun, so I'm playing along, too, albeit a day late! :)

1. What's the worst thing you've ever sent through the washing machine/dryer? I washed a credit card in my jeans pocket about two months ago. It went through the dryer, too. It came out with flat numbers, and I thought it would have to be replaced, but it works just fine.
2. Do you do any of your Christmas shopping online? Yes- lots of it! It's SO much easier to shop online than it is to drag the two kids with me through stores hunting for gifts.
3. What are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving? DH is off, and, only one side of the family is doing Thanksgiving this year, so it will be an unusually relaxed day (versus our usual running to see both sides of the family and eat two big meals).
4. What did you do before you had children that you miss doing now that you have children? I slept full nights. I went to bed and awoke on my own schedule, not that of a tiny person who is crying because he/she needs to go to bed/ get up/ be put back to sleep.
5. Do you have a fireplace? (Do you use it?) Yes and yes. It's gas, though, so using it just involves flipping a switch. I do miss the wonderful scent of the real wood-burning fireplace at my parents' house.
6. Do medical shows showing surgeries and blood freak you out? No, I love them. I have to echo Kim's answer on that one-- working in a nursing home, seeing and hearing about procedures, eating lunch with nurses who think nothing of discussing those same procedures while eating-- it just kind of numbs you to a lot of things. The only surgeries I don't like to watch are the real-life ones with c-sections.... even though I've had two of those myself, I always have to look away when they do the actual incision.
7. How long have you lived where you live? This house? Four years and about two weeks. This city? Since we got married in 1999.
8. What is one of your favorite seasonal items? Christmas lights. I'm one of those goofy people who will take drives in December just to admire Christmas lights everywhere. :)


  1. Great job, Amy!! I'm so glad you decided to play along!!

    1. I'm really surprised that the credit card still works...I'm with you, thinking it would need to be replaced. huh...

    3. Sounds perfect!

    4. I've been blessed with great sleeper...at very early ages...but they do NOT sleep late, bah!

    5. Ooo, nice...I want a switch-flipping fire place in my next house...I might actually USE it!

    6. I have my 2nd section on film...no one likes to watch it but me.

    8. I like to drive around to see lights too...and what makes it more exiting is the screams of my kids when we find them!!

    Thanks for Grilling with me!!

  2. I'm glad you decided to play along!

    I can't believe that the card still works! At least you don't have that hassle!

    We always took drives to see the lights when I was growing up. I have a feeling we'll be doing that with The Bean this year.


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