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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have you had your flu shot?

I got my flu vaccine.  Have you? Get Vaccinated. cdc.gov/flu

I just read this great post over at 5 Minutes for Mom regarding Children's Flu Vaccination Day (today- December 9th).

Check out these common myths about the flu. Did you know that it can be deadly to small children, right here in the United States? I think it's a common misperception that the flu is only dangerous for the elderly or disabled. According to the CDC, "Pneumococcal disease kills more people in the United States each year than all other vaccine-preventable diseases combined."

Personally, I get a flu vaccine every year- working in a nursing home, I don't want to catch it or pass on the flu to anyone there. I also have my kids vaccinated- as preemies, their immune systems weren't strong to begin with, so I feel it's important to boost them whenever possible. And now that my daughter (age 5) has been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, her flu shot is even more important, as diabetics are at even greater risk of flu complications.

What about you... have you had your children vaccinated against the flu? Have you had a flu shot yourself?


  1. Not to make you cringe, but we have not gotten it, nor are we planning to. We are also not getting the kids' the flu vaccine, either.

    We ARE taking extra steps to protect and strengthen our immune systems, though. It took me a while to research vitamins and find one that is free of sugars and artificial colors, etc.
    We're also careful about what we eat, increasing especially in the whole grains, like with quinoa and beans.

  2. The Bean gets her flu shot every year! This is the first year in a long time I didn't get one. Since I'm no longer doing direct care, I don't qualify for them at work anymore. Bummer. So far though, no flu at our house!

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  4. I'm sorry Amy, I went ahead and deleted it I didn't know I could do that :)

  5. I am tagging you at my blog :)


  6. I always get a flu shot, and my kids had them last year, but they haven't had them this year. I don't know if insurance covers it. I guess I should check on that.


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