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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ten Days Before Christmas...

...and all through my house, every creature is running ragged, though thankfully no mouse. :)


This list is probably for my own sanity more than your interest, but here's where I am on holiday preparations:

  • - Half the stockings are hung, half are missing! (Somehow they didn't all get packed together last year--??) I haven't put up all the Christmas decorations we own and don't intend to-- neither time nor the hands of a curious 2 year-old make that prospect very appealing this Half the stockings are hung, the other half are missing.year. I think the four trees and various other small decorations will be enough this year, though I WILL find the two missing stockings!
  • -/+ The gift list is about 2/3 crossed-off. DH and I are finally getting an evening to shop together tonight, so hopefully we'll finish it up tonight.
  • - I have NO voice. DH and DS came down with bad colds at the end of last week, and of course I caught it. I felt rotten this weekend, and today I feel somewhat better, but my voice is almost completely gone. ::sigh::
  • - My cards are still works in progress- nothing new since last week. Last night I sketched out and measured the layers (while laying on the couch counting the minutes until the kids' bedtimes), and when I get off the computer this morning, I'm planning to get them cut out.
  • - None of the gifts are wrapped, other than the two that were already delivered.
  • +++ I think all the holiday groceries are purchased and my carry-in dishes for various parties are all planned. Yay!!
  • - We're having a mock survey at work this week, which is like a "test run" on our state inspection. I'm scheduled to work three full days, with no chance of changing those hours.
  • - We're supposed to have a family photo taken Tuesday evening. Ha! The idea right now makes me laugh, but on the other hand, I really want that photo. Hopefully we will all be healthy enough to smile for a few minutes!
Every year I think I'll get things done by Thanksgiving, and every year I wind up with a million things to do this last week before Christmas. Oh, and if you're thinking I should be doing other things than blogging.... you're right! ;) So if I'm not around much this week, you know where I'll be- running around crossing things off that list.... or maybe just doped up on cold medicine and crashed on the couch. Either way, I doubt I'll be blogging a whole lot this week!

If you'd care to share your list, I'd love to hear it! Tell me I'm not the only one this unprepared.... please?! :)


  1. I have a list like that too. I need to do the following:
    1) make a run for milk and fruit at the grocery store and all the fixin's for my Christmas menu
    2) finish shopping for T's gifts.
    3) wrap the gift for The Bean's party at school
    4) dust and wash the dishes
    5) finish shopping for the rest of the family (which I could technically do after Christmas since we won't see them until mid-Jan)
    6) survive this week at work without taking a sick day despite the fact that I feel something coming on.
    7) chat with IT to get set up to access my email and right fax remotely so I can work from home on the 24th and 26th next week instead of having to find a Christmas babysitter for The Bean
    8) Wrap the rest of the gifts that I've purchased but not yet wrapped.

    I know I'm forgetting something, but I can't think of it right now. I hope your voice gets better. As someone who's had my share of bouts of laryngitis the past 2 years, I know how frustrating it is to not be able to talk.

    Love ya!

  2. 4 Christmas trees!! Yikes :)

    Although if I had a big house I would probably do the same thing LOL

    The kids are done, now just to wrap, which gets on Christmas Eve after they are in bed.

    I need to finish embroidering 4 towels and throw our gift in jars (bags) and everyone else will be done as well. Oh and frame my mom's gift.

    Get cards in the mail :)


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