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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Living Simply Saturday: finding time for God

Today Stephanie asks, What are some of the different ways that you have been able to make time to spend in God's Word and in prayer, during the changing seasons of your life? What techniques worked for you? Where did you schedule it in?

I'm in that can't-go-to-the-bathroom-alone phase of life. My kids can play contentedly with each other while I'm in the room, but let me sneak upstairs to flip a load of laundry or into the other room to check my email, and they will be on my heels in about two seconds. Finding quiet time to pray and reflect? Not likely!

My solution? Well, no one thing works for me every day. I work part-time, and on my at-home days, I'm busy with the kids. I try to fit in little bits and pieces throughout my day. Here are a few of my tricks:
  • Use my quiet driving time. On those occasions when I'm alone in the car, I quite often pray and reflect on things in my life. I also use driving time to pray the rosary (using a free CD from Catholicity).
  • I've recently become a fan of K-Love Christian radio. I know it sounds corny, but I really enjoy the positive, uplifting messages throughout the day. I have K-Love on while I'm doing other things, and not only am I hearing the messages, but my kids are, too.
  • Use driving time with the kids- we sing a lot of VeggieTales songs!
  • Use various Google gadgets so that a Bible passage appears on my home page. Every time I get online to print a quick chicken recipe or update my blog, His word is right there. I have another Google gadget on my homepage that reads the daily mass readings out loud- sometimes I'll click on those, as well.
  • I pray throughout the day. If I read about a prayer request online, I pray right then and there. When we drive past an ambulance or a traffic crash, the kids and I pray for those involved. It just takes a minute, and I'm likely to forget if I don't do it right away.
Share your tips for finding time for God in your day through Living Simply Saturdays over at Keeper of the Home.


  1. Enjoyed this list (and the carnival--I haven't seen this one yet!)! We get K-Love part of the day; it gets fuzzy in the evenings. And of course who wouldn't love singing VeggieTales?? This is a fun way to use the things you already have worked into your day as little speed bumps to connect with the Lord. Very useful and creative to gain greater intimacy with the Lord in a busy season!

  2. We are alson in veggie-tales season! I just stumbled on your blog, and was reading your profile. We also had pregnancy problems, and have 2 premies:)

  3. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I know what you mean with the leaving the room drawing the kiddos' attention! My son's favorite thing is to try to tickle my knee or hand me things while I'm using the bathroom. Guess that's what I get for tickling his knees while changing him one day - now it's a *wonderful* new idea. LOL

    I like your mention of saying a quick prayer when you see an accident, etc. I like to do that and also if I hear sirens, I try to say a prayer for the emergency responders. It's a holdover from when I was married to my first husband, a police officer. Our friends in town were police also so whenever I heard them fly by on the road by our house for a call, I said a prayer for their safety and that of the folks they were headed to help.

    Sometimes it doesn't seem like we do "as much" because it's not in big committed prayer times or spend time literally on our knees like some folks in other seasons of their lives - but I bet if we added it up we'd see our prayers mean a lot to those who need 'em. :-) (Remind me I said that the next time I feel like I'm slacking! lol)


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