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Monday, January 5, 2009

My best CVS Day To Date

One of the things I decided to focus on in the new year was learning to play the CVS "game" and getting in on some of the great bargains I'm always reading about.
Today I was excited to make a CVS run, because the brand of glucose monitors that my daughter uses were free after coupons. So, coupons in hand, I made my first trip to the CVS just a few miles from my house. I got all this:
for $21.95 out of pocket. Savings= $65.94 in sales; $69.50 in coupons, and I used $2 ECB. Plus, at the register I received $13 in ECB for use on my next trip... so basically it came out to $8.95 spent.

Next, I ran by my parents' house (they're just 15 minutes away) to swipe their coupons for the free glucose monitors. I went to the CVS in their city, and got all this:

for a grand total of.... FREE! My grand total was $12.97, so I paid with the ECB's from the first trip, making everything in the cart FREE... AND I received $8 more in ECB's. So, actually, they paid me $8 to walk out of their store with all that stuff! (Total= $125.03, -$58.83 in sale savings, -$66.20 in coupons= $12.97. Technically they owed me $.03, but the cashier just fixed it in my computer with my permission... they can't give you any change back on ECB's.)

I could give you a detailed list of every coupon and ECB sale item I did... or I could just send you over to the experts, where I found the deal information myself. (Feel free to ask if you have any questions, though, and I'll do my best to help you out!) Check these great CVS posts for more information on this week's deals:

So far, I think my goal of mastering the CVS game is off to a great start! :)

Edited 1/10/09 to add: I'm linking this post from earlier in the week up with the "Cents"ible Sawyer's "CVS Superstars" today. Want to see more CVS savings? Check it out!


  1. Amy did you get me my blue one? :) You have got to teach me how to do the CVS thing, I love FREE.


  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Please e-mail me, needanap2 @ gmail . com

    Our oldest is now on pens, what about your daughter?

    Great haul at CVS! My husband has banned me from there (it always takes me forever to work out what I'm going to buy, lining up coupons, etc.). :)


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