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Thursday, July 9, 2009

As Seen On TV... or in my own cupboard?

One night last week during a bout with insomnia I found myself watching an infomercial, and wanting one of these- the GT Express 101. It grills! It broils! It makes steaks, sandwiches, omlettes, and more! (Hey, wait a minute, so do I!) What is it about those infomercials that just makes me feel like I can't live without whatever they are selling? LOL!

Anyways, it finally dawned on my that I could just dust off "what's in my hand" ... which, in this case, was my neglected Sandwich Maker. Sure, it's a little smaller, and a lot older, but surely it would squelch my desire for something new, right? I pulled it down from the high shelf and DD was fascinated- she couldn't remember ever seeing it before. (Has it really been that long?)

A few days later we had some "girl time" while the "boys", aka: DH & DS, were out running errands, so after painting her nails (pink & purple polka dots) we pulled out the sandwich maker and made my all-time favorite sandwich maker treat: pizza sandwiches. These were just cheese, pepperoni, and sauce... and DD was quite impressed.

So, I started wondering what other culinary delights we could create. Amazon has a whole page of Sandwich Maker cookbooks. And, there are several websites out there with recipes specifically for the Sandwich Maker... who knew? One site I visited suggested taking mini sausages and putting them in the Sandwich Maker well with pancake batter. Another site took defrosted hash browns and poured a beaten egg over top in each sandwich well-- we'll be trying that one soon!

A "new" kitchen toy to play with that cost absolutely nothing... can't beat that! If you have any creative Sandwich Maker recipes, I'd love to hear about them- leave a comment below!


  1. Great post! I, too, am guilty of watching late night infomercials (and wanting what I see) but I'm glad I never give in to the desires because who has room for all that stuff in their house?? I'm glad you found a way to repurpose your sandwich maker! I think we need to find ours...

  2. It's fun to find "new" toys in the cabinet. :)

  3. My friend had one (back when I was in high school), and she made the yummiest treat - white bread with apple pie filling in the middle. Sorta like apple pie. I remember it was delish. (Icing maybe? can't remember.)

    Hope all is well!


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