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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mèreadesso Skin Care: Worth the hype?

I received a package containing Mèreadesso Woman Face and Neck Cleanser, Cloth, and Face and Neck Toning Gel through SheSpeaks for free in return for my honest review. Being the cheap frugal gal that I am, these aren't products I would have normally purchased to try myself, so I was happy to review these.

Mèreadesso products claim to contain a total skin care routine in just two steps. I was skeptical, especially since I have very sensitive skin that tends to feel very tight and dry after using most face products. But.... they were right! After washing my face with the Fack and Neck Cleanser, then applying the Face and Neck Toning Gel, my skin felt clean, smooth, and well hydrated. There was no heavy residue, no tightness, and no need to apply a separate moisturizer.

The positives:
  • My skin just feels.... better. Cleaner. Healthier.
  • These products didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. This is a huge plus in my book!
  • The toner soaked into my skin very quickly, so it wasn't a problem to use it in the morning before applying my make-up.
  • Two steps, two compact bottles= less clutter on my bathroom counter.
  • Only a tiny amount of product is used each time, meaning that the bottles should last a good long while.

The negatives:
  • These products aren't cheap- the package I received has a retail value of $149. Spending that kind of money for skin care products is not something I would normally even think about. (To be fair, I'll be watching to see how long these bottles last, and breaking the cost down in comparison to what I normally spend on skin care.)
  • I didn't care for the scent. It was light, but noticable.

Mèreadesso has a special offer for my readers: use this promotional code (shespeaks020) at www.mereadesso.com where you can receive 20% off these products, plus free ground shipping. With an offer like that, this might be a great time for you to try Mèreadesso for yourself!

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