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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday's Target Highlights

  • Two boxes of Archer Farms (Target brand) water crackers for $.49 each using the $1 off Target coupon. These will either go on trays with my holiday cheeseballs, or, they'll end up as a part of Christmas food gifts. I plan to go back and get several more of these before the coupon expires on 11/7!
  • Skippy Peanut Butter.... marked $2.04, minus the Target $1 coupon. Some areas apparently have it on sale even cheaper, but at this store it was still full price. Still, that's even cheaper than the grocery store brand I usually buy.... and Skippy is my personal favorite!
  • Two school uniform shirts, marked down to $1.98 each. I'll put these back for my daughter to wear in the Spring. That's even cheaper than a second-hand shirt from Goodwill!
  • The two Crystal Elements Air Freshening Crystals were on clearance for $3.48, regularly $5.99. Combined with my buy one, get one free coupon (from a tearpad I found a while back), these were a good deal @ $1.74 each. My DH loves to use air fresheners, and I've been waiting on a bargain so we could try these fairly new ones.
  • Found a $.55 peelie coupon on the Drano I needed... nothing spectacular, but every bit helps!
Before any trip to Target, I always visit A Full Cup's Target Coupon Generator. This handy program condenses the Target printable coupons (from the Target site) down to fit several of your choosing onto a printed page or two. I find this to be much more economical in terms of paper use, and I've never had any problem using these coupons at the store.

What great bargains have you found at Target lately?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that link!

    I need to get there and get more uniform shirts then. I last bought 2 at half price, paying around $3.50. Wow. Can't beat the price you paid.


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