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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WFMW: Prep for surgery?

It's the backwards edition of WFMW, meaning that I get to ask YOU a question. 

I'm just recovering from a minor abdominal surgery that I had on Monday, and I've learned that I will be having a bigger surgery in the near future.  While this one was minor (laparoscopic), I'm still finding that I keep forgetting about my restrictions and doing more than I should.... like picking up a child or lifting something, and then I land myself right back on the couch in pain.   I probably would be off of the pain medications today if I hadn't overdone it yesterday.  It's frustrating, to say the least!

What are your tips for next time.... when I know I'll be laid up for 2-4 weeks?   I'm going to try and get some meals in the freezer, and I'll have family around part of the time to help out, but otherwise... what's your best advice for someone getting ready for surgery?

I am attempting to post daily in January for NaBloPoMo's theme of "Best".


  1. I would stock up on movies/books/magazines for your recovery. Maybe borrow from friends or go to the library. I hope you're feeling better and that the next sugery goes well.

  2. I haven't needed any surgery since I've been a mom (the last was a C-section!). I remember the challenges of recuperating, though. Freezer meals are a great idea. I'd want to clean the house just before the surgery, then ask a family member to do the "heavier" cleaning jobs (e.g., vacuuming). I'd prepare some things to keep my son amused and fairly quiet (DVDs, books, games).

    I wish I could be more helpful!

  3. I had another idea: Can you use paper plates to reduce the number of dishes that need to be washed?

    Hope you're recovering quickly from your laparoscopy! When I had my first one, the doctor said I could be back to work the next day. Riiiiight. LOL

  4. I second or third the freezer meal idea but maybe have friends bring in some meals too? Another good way to prepare is lots of prayer and delving in His Word!

    Praying for you.

    God bless

  5. Oh! I thought of a few more things. Make sure you have plenty of ice packs, heating pads, epsom salts or whatever the doctor recommends. I'd also make a big grocery store run just before surgery and stock up on non-perishable food items, toilet paper, toiletries, etc. so you don't have to shop after surgery.


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