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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

20 Minutes in the Life of a Mom

Why is it that everything must happen all at once?

Within a twenty minute period yesterday afternoon:
  1. got a call from the school clinic about DD's crazy low blood sugars-- I told them I'd come pick her up rather than putting her on the bus
  2. got a coat & boots on the less-than-happy three year old
  3. walked out through the garage towards the car, where the three year old promptly vomited all over himself, me, the garage floor, and the driveway
  4. stripped both of us of our coats and shoes in the garage
  5. ran upstairs, grabbed several towels & clean clothes for DS, got both of us cleaned up
  6. quickly drove to school, hoping I wouldn't be the last parent there
  7. sat in a very long line of cars.... I could see DD, but she couldn't see me, and I could tell she was getting upset (normal for a low blood sugar, let alone the stress of standing there waiting for me when she normally rides the bus)
  8. finally yelled loud enough & waved my arms so that DD could hear/see me, at which point she promptly broke into tears... and we were holding up the orderly car pick-up line as I hugged her and calmed her down
  9. got home, got both kids settled in front of the tv
  10. washed the garage floor, driveway, and got our coats/clothes going in the washer
And within the hour, everything was calm again and you wouldn't have known of our "adventures" if you walked into my house just then.  ::sigh::   Who says motherhood isn't exciting?

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  1. Oh Amy! That is so typical or motherhood! When it rains it pours! Everything comes to a head at once.

    I'm so glad things returned to calm relatively quickly. I was waiting for you to write that your 3 year old threw up in the car when you got to the school too!

    Well handled mom!! Gold Star!!


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