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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

$2.50 power razors @ Target

Gillette Fusion Power Razor, Phantom, 1 Razor
There's a great deal going on at Target right now on Fusion power razors. They're regularly priced around $10 each, on sale for $6.99,  plus if you buy two you get a $5 Target gift card.   So, the math boils down to this:
  • $14 for two razors= nice. 
  • Take off the $4 coupon from the newspaper= $10 for two power razors= good deal.   
  • Take away the $5 to account for the gift card you'll receive, and this is an great deal @ $2.50 each.
That is.... IF your Target cooperates.   I picked up the two Fusion razors, tried scanning them, and the sale price didn't come up.  Uh-oh.  I doubled checked the sign, made sure I had the right products, and headed over to the check out line.  (And like a good blogger, I even snapped a pic of the sale sign on my phone-- LOL!)
Sure enough, they rang up regular price.   I told the cashier, who called for someone to check the price.  The person on the other end of the walkie-talkie called back and gave the regular price... $9.44.   What?  I explained that the sale sign was right in front of the razors.   The cashier called again, and the voice on the walkie talkie actually said  "Oh, yes, I saw that sign-- the sale price is $6.99".   WHAT? !?  So, if I hadn't argued, they would have charged me full price??   Grrrrr.....

Anyways, I got the sale price, and you can, too.  This price should be good through the 20th.  If you happen to have two of the newspaper coupons, you'll wind up only paying $.50 each.  Good luck!

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