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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WFMW: free Blackberry apps

I. love. my. BlackBerry. I admit that I am one of those people... you know, the ones that have the Blackberry attached to them 24/7. I recently saw Jerry Seinfeld do a bit on a talk show, and he was talking about how people carry a Blackberry in their hands at all times, as though the BlackBerry itself demands to be out where it can see things. I laughed so hard that I cried... and yes, I saw myself in what he was saying. You just have to watch the video, it's hilarious:

I have an older model BlackBerry... the kind I could get for free the last time it was time to upgrade our phones.  Of course I'd love to have the newest edition, but really, this one works really well for me.  That is partially due to the wide variety of free apps that are available. 

Here are some of my favorite FREE apps:

  • Google Mobile: Thanks to Google Sync, when I recently had to replace my BlackBerry (free, under warrenty, thank goodness)  I did not lose my address book- all my contacts were all saved in Google Contacts. I also sync my Google calendars (work, home, kids schedules) to my BlackBerry. And, since I use Google Reader on my computer, I can also use it on the mobile app... meaning that I can always read blogs from my phone.
  • Slacker radio: This free app allows you access to all kinds of music. You can choose from their stations- I've had fun recently listening to some music from my high school days. You can also use Slacker on your computer with a free account.   And... I'm pretty sure Slacker radio and a $5 pair of headphones saved my sanity during my hospital stay last month!
  • Twitter: Now that I'm using Twitter a lot more, putting it on my phone was a natural step. I know there are a lot of Twitter apps out there, but this one from Twitter itself is simple to use and works exactly like the site does. I have it set to notify me audibly if I receive a direct message or a mention.
  • Facebook: I use this one daily to check in on my friends' status messages.
  • Ka-glom: This free tetris-style game is entertaining enough for me, yet easy enough for my kids to play. It's helped pass the time several times when we've been stuck in waiting rooms.
  • MemoPad:  Ok, this one actually came pre-loaded on the phone.  It allows me to keep running lists on anything-- I have one for books I want to read, blog post ideas, a running grocery list, and more. 
Free apps to make my BlackBerry even more functional definitely work for me.  Check out more Works for Me Wednesday tips HERE.... and be sure to let me know if you know of a great app that I've missed!

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  1. I am having such a hard time deciding between the blackberry storm and the moterola droid... WHATS A GAL TO DO???

  2. I am so glad that I'm too cheap to pay for a BlackBerry (or iPhone or any smartphone, really). I'd totally be the rude girl who can't stop looking at her phone!


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