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Saturday, April 10, 2010

You've gotta fight.... for your right....

... to use coupons???    

And if that title doesn't have you singing  the Beastie Boys hit... well, don't tell me.  It will make me feel old. ;) 

Several weeks ago I had to argue with the Target cashier in order to get the razor deal to ring up right.   

Today, it was the cashier at Taco Bell.   I had three coupons to try their new breakfast burritos for free, and I'd promised the kids we'd do that today.  I showed the girl my coupons, placed our order, and when she tells me the total, she informs me that she's doing me a big favor by accepting two (of my three) coupons, even though they're really only supposed to accept one.   What??   I showed her where it stated in bold print on the coupon that the coupons were limited to one per person.... it said nothing anywhere about limiting how many per order.  I had three people and three coupons, so it should have been fine.  She insisted that  she could not accept all three.   I insisted otherwise, reminding her that that was not what the coupon said.  (Politely.  But firmly.)  Finally I asked her if she could just ring up one of the burritos separately., and she did, but she still charged me for one of the burritos on the first order.... meaning that I now had four burritos for three people.    Uggggghhhhh!

I'm not trying to pull a fast one or do anything illegal.... just trying to use coupons honestly and get some good deals.  Lately, though, I'm starting to feel defensive every time I hand over coupons, wondering if they will  go through ok.   Is it just me, or are you having trouble using coupons for what should be simple deals lately, too?


  1. I hate fighting over simple things. My friend Shannon, at ForTheMommas.com is a frugal blogger. She's written some posts about using coupons and when they try to deny them!

  2. Hi Amy!

    I stumbled upon your blog from Dawn Farias' blog. Great stuff!!!!

  3. I don't like to argue about stuff like that but my hubby sure will LOL. But now, for bigger ticket items, you better bet I will argue. I had to argue with a Walmart manager over a TV once. But other than that, I usually don't say anything.


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