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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

$3 Spring Decor: Works for me Wednesday

I have a thing for birds lately... I don't know if it's just Spring, or if it's related to my new-found interest in Twitter, or what it is.  I've seen  several bloggers post about their cute & crafty bird decorations recently (one of my favorites: SongbirdTiff's book bird),  I've been wanting to add some birds somewhere around my house. 

I don't really do seasonal decorating, other than the front door, but it's always on my "someday" list.   "Someday" I'll have a stash of seasonal decorations to change out... someday I'll have time to craft again.... someday I'll decorate with all things that I make myself.  Right now, though, time and budget are very restrictive in terms of what I can do... so I find myself not changing things very often.

So when I bumped into these little guys at the dollar store, I just had to have them:
And best of all... I loved them just the way they were.  I didn't put them away in the craft room to be altered "someday"... I came home and put them out right away.

The birds are fairly big- about 5" in length- and they have more weight to them than I would have expected from a dollar store decoration.  They were $1 each, and the moss for the basket was also $1.  I plopped  them in a basket I already had, and *poof*, a little touch of Spring has arrived.

Would I like to have a birds everywhere... a new door wreath... all kinds of Spring decorations to put out?  Of course!  But in the meantime, these little birds are within my budget and took no time at all to arrange.  There's something very satisfying about this simple little project- I smile every time I see it.  I paired it with a giant fern (free- gifted from my parents) on the table in our entryway, and I love it.

Now I'm keeping an eye out for some turquoise eggs like The Single Nester's...      

Cheap & easy seasonal decor works for me!  Share your own tips at Works for Me Wednesday!

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  1. Those birds are adorable! I don't seem to find as much cute stuff at mine.


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