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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you "make the low go"?

This week is Diabetes Blog Week, the wonderful idea of Karen from  Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog.  Each day there is a topic related to Diabetes, and bloggers will be sharing their posts related to that topic.  

Today's topic:  Making the low go. Tell us about your favorite way to treat a low. 

ReliOn - Glucose Fruit Punch Combo Pack, 110 TabletsMy favorite ways to take care of my seven year-old daughter's lows are plain and simple: glucose tablets or juice boxes.  She willingly takes both, they're easy to carry with us, they're easy to store (no refrigeration needed), and there's no brain work involved-- just chew or drink and be done.    If she's especially low, or it's bedtime, or I have a momma-bear gut feeling, I always try to talk her into the glucose tablets.   She'll usually take them, but if she's not feeling too bad, sometimes she tries to talk me into something else.  Those are the most consistent at keeping her steady later-- juice will "burn off" quicker, meaning sometimes it works and sometimes she needs something else to keep her numbers up.  I can count on the glucose tablets to take her up and keep her up.

Dex 4 Glucose Tablets Orange 10'sThere are glucose tablets hidden everywhere in our world.  I have tubes of them tucked into my coat pockets, her meter cases, the cars,  her backpack, etc.  We also have big bottles of them stashed in her bedroom, our bedroom, the kitchen.  There are three things I pretty much always have on my person: my  Blackberry, a Matchbox car for DS (age 3), and glucose tablets for DD.   

Her favorite way to treat a low, if it's during the daytime: a sweet snack, such as a 100-calorie cookie pack , a kids' yogurt, regular pudding, or some gummy fruit snacks.  (I veto those if she's really low & needs to come up quick-- then her choices are juice or glucose tablets, period.)  She likes juice boxes, too, but she gets tired of them, so if she can choose, she'll usually choose a snack.
Glucose RapidSpray, Raspberry .64 fl. oz.(19 ml.), (Pack of 3)  
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P.S.  I just found this stuff: Glucose RapidSpray on Amazon.  I've never heard of it before.  If you've tried it I'd love to hear how it worked and what you think of it!


  1. I was very interested in the rapid spray and did some digging on the internet. It seems it would take 80 sprays of this stuff to give you 15g of carb. :(

  2. I've never tried that glucose spray, but Kerri posted about it last year. http://sixuntilme.com/blog2/2009/05/im_sorry_glucose_spray.html (Yup, that's my hand in the picture - LOL) General consensus seemed to be that it would take way too many sprays of it to treat a low . :)


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