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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WFMW: Potty training?

This week's edition of WFMW is backwards.... meaning that I get to ask YOU for some advice!

Here's the thing: my 3 year-old son was pretty much potty trained last month. It was not easy, but he did it- even taking himself to the bathroom when needed most of the time.   Now, in the last two weeks, we're back to tantrums when asked to potty and he's needing diapers (pull-ups leak, and the "natural"  method is not for us).  We were using a reward system at first (candy) and had gotten to the point where it was phased out.  There was no traumatic potty event, and when asked, he cheerfully answers that he will use the potty next time... but he doesn't.   He just won't do it anymore.  And he has to do it... preschool starts in August, and they won't let him attend unless he is fully potty trained.

So..... please share your tips and tricks to get him back on track.   And to answer more questions or ask your own, link up to Works for me Wednesday.


  1. All I can say is I feel your pain. Don't know if I have advice other than - go to my blog and search "potty training" and you will find a sister in the pottyhood trials.

  2. I have no doubt that there is no absolute right answer and if 100 people comment you'll probably get 100 different pieces of advice but here's my two cents for what it's worth.

    He's shown you he can do it so that's great! You know it's (probably) not a physical thing. Personally, I'd keep him in underpants (more motivation) - but that's me.

    I know if I ask my daughter if she has to go - she always says No - even if she's on the potty p'ing at the time. Instead of asking her I always tell her to "make sure and tell me when you have to go". Seems to help.

    You might try bringing back the reward system. I used a chart on the wall and stickers instead of candy. Maybe something different would peak his interest again?

    Stay strong! Give him consequences and follow through - because he's a little bit older, and has proven to you he can handle potty training maybe a little tough love? Perhaps a time out or negative reinforcement (taking something away)when he does have an accident?

    Just remember, he'll get there eventually! Good luck!!!!!


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