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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Call Me Bill

My life looks calm.  Looks normal.  It's not.  I feel very much like Bill the Cat these days: my brain is fried, which pretty much limits my responses to major life events to muttering "Ack" and "Pbbbthhh" and slinking off to do whatever it is that needs done.

(Side note: Bloom County remains my all-time favorite comic!)

Recent brain-cell stealing events:
  • 44 gallon fish tank sprung a leak in a bottom seam & couldn't be fixed. New tank, new supplies, big bills, and fish living in a Rubbermaid box for three nights.  Pbbbbbttthhh!
  • DD's insulin pump arrived in the mail last week.  This amazing piece of technology will soon be attached to my child, keeping her alive, 24/7.  We have SO much to learn.  Ack!
  • Stuff going on at work.  Friends leaving.  Stress levels at an all-time high.  New regulations and paperwork and deadlines piling up.  Pbbbbbbttthhhh!
  • A nagging feeling that maybe it's time to make a career change, yet no clue what/ how.  Ack!
  • My annual eye exam uncovered a problem involving four follow-up visits so far.  I feel like one of my elderly residents as I organize my numerous vials of eye drops and complain about blurry vision.  Pbbbbbbtttthhhh!

See?  All these things have just sucked the life right out of me lately.  These things really  deserve much deeper responses, but I'm tapped out.  So.... thhhhppppptttt!

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  1. Hey cool blog Amy! I found you through your comment on mine. What kind of insulin pump did you guys go with. If it was an Animas Ping...I can help you out with any questions/concerns if you need. I'll add you to my blog roll - good to meet you on here!!!


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