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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sleeping Bag Invitations

Hi, crafters... remember me?  Once upon a time I started this lovely meme... and then my life got crazy, and now I rarely have time to craft anything anymore.  Lucky for us, the always-creative Christine stepped up and has kept the meme going, providing fun challenges and a place to share each and every Sunday at Sunday Scrappin'. I am so happy that she did!  :)

I was recently going through pictures on my computer... side note: sorting those is a huge project that I need to tackle soon.  Anyways, I realized that I do have a few crafty projects that I've never shared, so here I am.

These are the invitations I designed for my daughter's slumber party back in April.  These were simply double-sided card stock, stickers, and text printed within shapes that I created with the PrintShop program on my computer.  I folded the cardstock in half, rounding the corners, and then cut a slit on the folded side to bend down for the top of the sleeping bag.  I made sure the sleeping bags were the right size to fit into a business envelope.  We added the flip flop stickers, heart stickers (on the pj leg), and a small square of felt for the pillow. 

My daughter helped put them together, and she loved them. Her favorite part was the little glow-in-the-dark teddy bear stickers we found to put on the felt pillows.  We loved how they turned out!

If you've been doing anything crafty lately, be sure to stop by and link up with Sunday Scrappin'

Update 7/12: I'm also linking up to Made by You Monday @ Skip to my Lou .... mostly because I did a lot of online searches when I started this project.  Hopefully these invitations might inspire someone else! 

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  1. Those are REALLY cute!!! I wish I had more time for scrapbooking. I have done more for other ppl than I have myself. My poor kids :(

  2. This is super cute! Would you happen to still have the clip art in your file?

  3. A belated reply to Jane... I didn't use clip art, just the "text in shape" feature on Print Shop. The shapes were built in to the program- you just add text and resize as needed.


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