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Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Meanderings 10/22

This week I've decided to join in on Monday Meanderings hosted by Tiany @ Less of Me, More of Him. Each Monday, participants blog about things they want to accomplish in five different areas (the listed categories) this week. Here's my list:
  • Must Do: Finish coming up with some sort of costume for DD. (See my last post about this ordeal!) We went to our church's Harvest Festival over the weekend and she was one of the very few kids there who wasn't in costume... oops! She did wear the pumpkin shirt her preschool class had made, though, she she didn't care.
  • Zone (housecleaning): This week I'm working on getting this computer room back into shape... the toys have taken over!
  • Train Them Up: DD (age 4) and I are working more on her daily habits. She's gotten into a good habit of keeping all her dirty clothes put in the basket, finally... that habit took forever for her to remember on her own!
  • Menu Planning: I've got this one done, as I always menu plan on Sunday nights. You can see our menu for the week (posted as a part of Menu Plan Monday) over on my cooking blog.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Have you done your breast self-exam this month?


  1. Hope you have a great week and get lots accomplished. I remember working with my daughter on teeth brushing when she was a preschooler. She hated it!

  2. Hi again Amy! It has been nice to "MEET" you!! I have enjoyed reading your personal blog entries as well!

    Have a wonderful day! I look forward to getting that recipe!

  3. You have a great week of planning. Like the way you put up new recipe's in your menu planning. Enjoyed my visit to both blogs today, may you have a great week ahead.



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