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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WFMW: repeat: Marking Chargers

I'm cheating today. I really enjoy Works for Me Wednesday, but I'm too tired to think of anything new to post today. I've been up since 4:15am with a teething one year-old... I'm sure you understand!

This tip is the very first WFMW post I ever made... it was posted back on my first blog, called "A Flybaby's Decluttering Journey" in January of this year. (I closed that blog when I started this one.) Here's the original post:

I discovered something this summer that probably doesn't excite the average person, but, I was thrilled. It turns out that the brilliant people at Sharpie are now making SILVER Sharpie markers. (Whoo-hoo, I can just hear the sarcastic excitement in your collective voices.... )

Why, oh why, would I get so excited about a silver marker?

Because shortly after buying said silver marker, I realized that I could mark on black things. (Duh!) Black things.... like those darned "chargers" that I always find floating around my house with no clue as to what they are supposed to be charging. Cell phone chargers, Swiffer chargers, DVD chargers, iPod chargers... you name it, it seems to come with a charger these days.

My idea? Use the lovely silver Sharpie to label the chargers. Now, as soon as a new charger comes into our house, it gets marked. When we find old chargers we try to figure out what they charge, and we label them ASAP.

It's worked great for us. Simple, I know, but it's ended the frustration of searching in vain for just the right charger to give life to some forlorn electronic device.

Works for me!

So there you have it... I hope you'll forgive my "recycling" an old post. It's still a tried and true tip that we use all the time in my household. Check out more Works For Me Wednesday tips over at Rocks in my Dryer!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month! Have you done your breast self-exam this month?


  1. After seeing this tip elsewhere, I've been searching & cannot find silver sharpies :(

  2. Hi Amy! I saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd check out your blog =)

    Thanks for this tip.
    We have many chargers to keep track of, and can never seem to figure out which one goes to which piece of equipment - label stickers fall off or get beat up beyond recognition.

    BTW, if you can't find the metallic Sharpies at the store, they are for sale on Amazon.com from various sellers.

  3. This is a great tip- thanks so much! Chargers can be difficult to distinguish, particularly in a high tech house where you have gazillion of them :)

  4. Oh good idea! I think we need to do this.

  5. What a brilliant idea! Thank you so much! You have no idea how many chargers and electrical doo-dads are on my desk at this very moment. They drive me crazy but Hubby says we need them all! Now I have a tool to tame the madness! Thank you!

  6. Oh my goodness have you opened a can of worms for me. I have a basket that is filled with chargers but never know what they go with. Thank you so much for recycling this idea. This is proof that it never hurts to be reminded of the obvious.

  7. I love Silver Sharpies! This is such a great idea, I cannot believe I never thought of it. Thanks for reposting it!


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