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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dear Garbage Collectors


Fair warning to our garbage collectors:
Last week, your website said that pickup would be a day late due to the Christmas holiday. So we didn't put our Christmas garbage out, and lo and behold, you showed up bright and early on your regularly scheduled day. This week, we're not falling for your tricks... we're putting out the trash tonight, for pickup on the regular day, which is tommorow. The combination of last week's Christmas packaging (because each toy comes with 5 pounds of cardboard) plus this week, with me on a decluttering streak, may just fill up your whole truck. (Not to mention the delight of our neighbors when we haul our mountain out to the curb- so pretty!) You have been warned!

p.s. In response to a comment: the cardboard and other recyclables were going in the recycling bin, not the regular trash can, but both are picked up and loaded into trucks by the same company.


  1. Our trash cans are bursting at the seams also and we left most of our christmas cardboard at G-ma's house. :0)

  2. why don't you recycle the cardboard though?

    I too have been in the process of ridding my house/life of stuff that I don't need or do not use. it is an amazing experience!

    best wishes,
    kimberly :)


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