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Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Meanderings 4/13

* If you're looking for Menu Plan Monday, see my cooking blog!

I haven't done Monday Meanderings for a while, but sometimes it's nice to check in with others and see what's on their household list for the week. I always find a few ladies who are doing pretty much the same things I am, it seems. ;)

This week will be busy- I'm working two half days and two full days, plus we're taking the kids to the zoo one day. At any rate, here's my plan:
1.Bible Study/ Devotions ~ I need to start something new, as I grew very bored with the last study I tried. I'm looking for something new and inspiring-- either online or a book-- any suggestions?

2."Must Do" ~ write & mail thank-you notes with DD for her birthday gifts, bleach a small load of clothes just purchased at the thrift store, finish up an online course for work.

3. Homekeeping ~ DH and I are deep cleaning the master bedroom and weeding out our closet tonight.... doesn't that sound fun? ;)

4. Errands ~ dry cleaner, bank, WalMart, drugstore, post office, library

5. Menu Planning~ Done! You can read my menu for the week over on my cooking blog.


  1. That does sound fun! I always like having a helper when I am going to tackle some big deep cleaning project! Sounds like you have a great plan! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Oh, we need to do that in our closet too. It's about to spew forth into our bedroom...and we have a big closet. Maybe we can tackle it this weekend. Thanks for the inspriration!

  3. Hey Amy! I know of several correspondence Bible studies that are either online or through the mail and FREE! Or you can join my Bible study which will start next Monday!!!! Go to my blog for more details :)


  4. Thanks for commenting on my MM and MPM post (yeah, I'm behind this week). Can't remember if I've commented here much before, but I am a semi-regular reader...I keep *meaning* to have time to papercraft, and my daughter is about the same age as yours. Also, I totally stole your idea of having a "Meez" as part of your profile as I've been working on updating my blog.

    A useful comment? I"m doing the One Year Bible Reading Plan this year. You can either print out the "assignments" and read offline, or they're also found online. There's a weekly email with some background information, thought-provoking questions, and a Scripture verse on which to meditate...and there's a daily blog which probably has all that stuff, too, but I have stopped myself from visiting because I know I would be sucked into spending too much time there.



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