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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' #43

Ta-Da's: I did finally post a photo of the baby card I told you about last week-- you can see that photo in another post, HERE. I did a few more recipe pages:

And I've made progress on those secret gift items. I'm dying to show them off, but I'd be so disappointed if the recepients happened to visit my blog and see them before they were done, so, no photos yet.

To-Do's: Finish the swap recipe pages, create my 8x8" swap pages, finish up the gift projects. (If this list seems familiar it's because I literally copied and pasted it from last week, which means that I didn't get any of it completely done. ::sigh::)

Challenge: I didn't really get into any textures, unless you count the glitter glue on the jello picture. ;)

If you do any sort of paper crafts, I hope you'll join us @ Sunday Scrappin'!


  1. I'm going to have to check out this recipe swap. I don't cook myself, but I know lots of other cooks that could use some neat handmade recipe cards!
    The Jello card is adorable. I love the polka dots.

  2. I always love seeing your receipe pages. Great job!

  3. Of course you count the glitter glue! Nice work. Everything is so pretty!

  4. Love the jello card. So, do the bubbles from the Sprite really stay in there to make it sparkle? That is too cool.


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