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Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Routines

So much for my big idea of doing NaBloPoMo this month. I'll still be posting on the topic of "giving (up)"... I'm just not going to kid myself into thinking that it will happen daily. It's been all I can do this week to get online to check my email and Facebook- forget about any real blogging time!

The week was a blur-- DH and I both changed our work schedules after working the same schedules for the last three years. We had things worked out as far as shuffling kids around and who took them where on what days. I had my home routines down-- menus and coupons on Sundays, shopping on Mondays, laundry on Tuesdays, and then I worked Wednesday through Friday. Now? I'll be working Sunday evenings, Monday, and Thursdays... which is just enough to throw my regular routines completely out of whack. I didn't realize how dependant I was on those routines until this past week, when I kept having to check the calendar to see not only what was happening, but also what day it was!

Hopefully in another week we'll have worked out the kinks and our new schedule will flow just as easily as the old one... please just bear with me in the meantime! :)

P.S. I'm more dependant than ever on my handy dandy personal planner, and I finally got around to altering the cover recently. Check out my Sunday Scrappin post (the post after this one) to see the results!

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  1. Changing routines like that would throw me off too! I definitely get set into routines and rely on them to work in autopilot for chores and things. Hope y'all settle into the new schedule soon!


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