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Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Post-Op Edition

1.)  Remember when I said I wouldn't be blogging for a while?  Well... I wasn't thinking about the fact that a large part of my recovery time from my recent surgery would involve sitting/laying on the couch, with a laptop readily accessible.   I might actually wind up blogging more while I'm recuperating than I normally do!

2.) I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tonight and LOVED it.  Every month I get mad when I read our school's menu for the month.  "Breadsticks and dip"?  "Nachos and cheese"?  Those are hardly entrees in my opinion... and my child is not allowed to buy on those days.   I love Jamie's plan to make changes all across our country!

3.) True fact: I am way, way, way more tired than I am in pain from my hysterectomy.  My doctor told me this would happen, and I didn't believe her.  The pain is there, don't get me wrong, but the sheer exhaustion from doing simple things (like showering) still amazes me. 

4.) I am having serious withdrawal symptoms from... my BlackBerry.  The port where the charger plugs in broke the day after I got home, and so my cell company sent me a new one.  Well, apparently the new one is a refurbished model, because there are all kinds of things wrong with this one.  I am NOT happy.  I'm one of those people who depends on my BB for everything, and I feel a little lost without a functioning BB.  And, since I can't drive, I have to wait until Monday for DH to be able to take me back to the store to get things fixed.  Again. 

5.) One of the best things about my BB was a free app I had recently discovered-- Slacker Radio.  It's a free radio program, and it, along with some $5 headphones, pretty much kept me sane in the hospital.  You pick a station and listen to your choice of music categories for free-- and you can "heart" the songs, so that your favorites pop up in the rotation more frequently.  They have a free website that does the same thing for your computer.  (Slacker Radio is not compensating me in any way- I just happen to be a fan!)

6.) I am worn out from the health care debate, both on tv and in my real life, arguing with friends and family.    I simply can't talk about politics, especially Obamacare, any more right now... my brain is overloaded.
7.) I really do not talk about my surgery non-stop in real life... but it is a pretty big factor in everything I do right now.  Not being able to drive is strange, and it's really hard not to lift my son up.  But, hopefully, in another week my restrictions will be lifted a little and I'll start to feel more normal.. 

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