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Monday, May 19, 2014

Recent Reads: The Miting

"The Miting" by Dee Yoder tells the story of Leah, a seventeen year-old Amish girl who has questions about the Amish lifestyle in which she has been raised.  She is not seeking the English life, but rather she is reading the Bible (a forbidden act) and developing her own faith.

"The Miting" is not the typical Amish fiction that I have read in the past... this story involves someone who leaves the faith, enters another church, waivers on that decision, pays the harsh consequences by being shunned in her own home, and then ultimately is forced to make life-changing decisions.   It wasn't a flowery picture of the fairy tale Amish life, but a gritty and realistic-feeling story about what it's really like to live with the multitude of rules and restrictions that the Amish must follow.  I appreciated that this wasn't a fairytale with a "perfect" ending. I was quickly drawn into this story and found myself considering things that I didn't know before-- like why can't an Amish girl read the Bible for herself?  

All in all, this was an excellent read and I will be looking for future books by Dee Yoder.

Get your own copy: The Miting by Dee Yoder will be available for FREE May 19 and $1.99 May 20-31 on Amazon Kindle! 

Disclaimer:  I was given a free copy of "The Miting" in exchange for posting my honest review during Kregel Publishing's Blog Tour of the book, May 19-23.  I will also post this review on Amazon and Good Reads.

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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review The Miting. I appreciate your kind words and recommendation.

    ~Blessings to you,



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