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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Apparently God reads my blog. :) Not long after I posted that last post (literally, within the hour) about being so worried about Baby Boy's development, he started rolling over. He spent much of Tuesday on the floor rolling over in both directions and laughing at himself. It was great! He also took about ten bites of solid food (pureed chicken & gravy) that night, which is probably the most he's ever taken outside of occasionally finishing his rice cereal. I took those as positive signs and thanked God for showing me that things will be OK after all.

The doctor's appointment went pretty well. She's not worried about the food issue... she basically said to keep trying various feeding methods/foods like we've been doing, and he'll eat when he's ready. I felt a lot better after talking to her. I did feel like a bad mommy on one issue, though... Baby Boy has an ear infection in both ears, and we had no idea! He hasn't shown any signs, which the doctor said isn't unusual, but I still feel bad that he's been suffering and I had no idea. Ten days' worth of antibiotics should clear things up for him.

I'm off and running today... a hundred things to do and very limited hours today in which to do them. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Don't feel like a bad mom about the ear infection. My son has had a couple double ear infections that I had no idea about. Once my doctor just looked at me like I was crazy when I said I had no idea. Apparently one ear looked really bad. Kids can be really tough and it can be a guessing game at times to figure out what is going on with them! My son was also somewhat delayed in development. He was not premature (he was actually 10lb+ at birth), but he did not roll over until 9 months. He was in physical therapy for 7 months due to a neck tilt issue due to him being breech. But be sure you express your concerns to your doctor. My son had to have glasses at 13 months. The eye doctor would not have figured it out until his eyes began to cross (which luckily we caught it early enough for them not to) if I had not told him baby would not make ehye contact with me when he was up close. So continue to watch for those little signs. Mom's know best...if you don't like answer from the doctor push for more.


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