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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The plague & today's weigh-in.

Yikes, it's been almost a week.... sorry 'bout that, as I'm sure all my zillions of loyal readers must be wondering where I've been (ha ha). The plague, as DH and I are calling it, hit our house last Thursday, and the kids and I have been sick as dogs ever since. Today's the first day I've had enough of a voice to talk on the phone and actually be understood by humans. Yuck.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket As for today's weigh-in, I'm amazed to say that I have nothing to report, either gain or loss. I'm happy, considering as I ate a lot of ice cream this weekend (horribly sore throat) and didn't really stay on my program at all. :)

On the plus side, I received my Weight Watchers books & calculator that I'd bought off eBay this week. That was a relief... eBay had notified me that the auction was cancelled, after I had already paid. I was afraid I was going to have to fight to get my $$ back, but, the items arrived safe & sound. No more searching online to plan every meal now... whoo hoo!

Hope the rest of you Weight Loss Challenge participants had a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear you've had such a yucky time. Glad it's getting better!

  2. Hope everyone is back to 100% soon! It's never fun when the kiddos are sick.

  3. Oh, your poor family! Happy to hear your starting to feel a bit better. Hang in there!

    I had a bad week, but am starting fresh. Hopefully I'll be back to losing!


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